How to Make Up a Bed

Introduction: How to Make Up a Bed

Do you ever forget how to change the sheets on your bed? Well in this step-by-step guide I will show you how to do just that. Don't have a full size mattress like in the picture? No worries. This guide works for any size mattress, but you will need:

1) a mattress

2) pillow (at least one)

3) pillow case (this should coincide with the number of pillows)

4) one fitted sheet

5) one unfitted sheet

6) one comforter

Here we go!

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Step 1: Step 1) Clear the Mattress

Clear the mattress of any old bed sheets, covers, or pillows so that you just have a blank mattress.

Step 2: Step 2) Get New Sheets

Get the new sheets that you will be putting on the bed.

Step 3: Step 3) Fitted Bed Sheet

Put the fitted sheet on bed by tucking each corner underneath the mattress.

  • Begin with the least accessible corner of the mattress and finish with the most accessible for most ease and efficiency.

Step 4: Step 4) Unfitted Bed Sheet

Put unfitted sheet on the bed on top of the fitted sheet.

  • Only tuck in the bottom two corners of the sheet under the mattress.

Step 5: Step 5) Straighten the Unfitted Sheet.

Step 6: Step 6) Old Pillow Case

Take the old pillow cases off of pillows.

Step 7: Step 7) New Pillow Case

Put the new pillow cases onto the pillows.

Step 8: Step 8) Comforter

Put the comforter on top of the unfitted sheet.

  • Do this just as you did the unfitted sheet and only tuck in the bottom two corners of the sheet under the mattress.

Step 9: Step 9) Pillows

Put the pillows back on bed

Step 10: Step 10) Straighten Comforter.

Step 11: Step 11) Finishing Touches

Fold the unfitted sheet and comforter and fold them on top of each other so that there is a small fold at the top by the head rest.

Step 12: Step 12) Done

Relax in you newly made bed!

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    Nice! Making up a bed nicely is an underestimated skill.

    Good instructable!