How to Make Vintage Collage Wedding Rose Card

Introduction: How to Make Vintage Collage Wedding Rose Card

This project is a little bit different, as I have been asked this week more then ever before about purchasing a kit that is ideal for anyone that is economically challenged and that will suit many occasions and also give longevity, without lots of other items that have to co-ordinate and what would be great for beginners without much stash!

All Anna Griffin fans know that all of her products not only mix n match but will co-ordinate through the years, they are timeless designs that will suit many different techniques, however anyone just starting out or maybe has never seen Anna's products might not know where to begin.. so this little video might help in the right direction, that you can purchase Anna's items and just use them! You do not have to buy everything to go with the toppers and they are so easy to use..

Step 1: Now Watch the Tutorial

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