How to Make WATER Dispenser Machine From Cardboard DIY

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Materials you will need:

- Cardboard

- Glue Gun

- 2.5L Plastic bottle

- Cutter

- Foldable cardboard

- Water pump motor

- Flow pipe

- Cable tie

- Thin wooden stick

- Candy sticks

- Click switch

- Battery

- Plier

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Step 1: Cut the Plastic Bottle As Shown, Remove the Bottle Cap and Make a Hole in It.

Step 2: Make a Groove at the Bottom of the Bottle As Shown.

Step 3: Attach the Flow Pipe to the Water Pump Motor and Use the Cable Tie to Bind Them.

Step 4: Insert the Motor Inside the Bottle As Shown, Then Place and Glue the Bottle Cap As Shown. Place the Pipe in the Groove Made at the Bottom of the Bottle.

Step 5: Make the Following Cardboard Cutouts and Place Them As Shown .

Step 6: Use Foldable Cardboard to Cover the 3cm and 9cm Gaps (in Step 5), Leaving One Side Open, As Shown. Now, Take a Cardboard Piece of 21.5cm*10cm and Place It As Shown.

Step 7: Use a Cardboard Piece Measuring 2 Cm More Than the Diameter of the Bottle, to Be Used As the Lid. Using 3 Small Cardboard Cutouts, a Thin Wooden Stick, and Candy Sticks, Make the Lid As Shown in the Following Images.

Step 8: Make the Following Cardboard Cutouts. Now, Follow the Steps Shown in the Images to Stick the Pieces.

Step 9: Using the Click Switch and Battery, Make the Connections As Shown

Step 10: Glue the Click Switch and the Candy Stick on It As Shown.

Step 11: Make a Small Cardboard Case for the Battery As Shown. It Eases the Task of Replacing the Battery

Step 12: Label the Dispenser As Desired.

Step 13: Make Holes at the Top Portion of the Pipe by Cutting or Piercing, to Release the Pressure. This Is an Important Step, Which If Missed, Will Not Allow the Water Discharge to Stop Unless the Water Drains Out Completely.

Step 14: Your Water Dispenser Is Ready.

Step 15: Watch the Video for a Detailed Tutorial!

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