How to Make WINDMILL Generator From Cardboard for Science Project at Home




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Watch the video for a complete tutorial!

Materials you will need-


-Green velvet paper

-Black coloured pencil


-Glue gun

-Wooden sticks

-Tissue papers

-3 watt yellow LED

-200 RPM, 12 V Motor

-Foldable cardboard


-Super glue

Step 1: Take a Circular Cardboard Piece of Diameter 35 Cm and Cover the Top With the Green Velvet Paper.

Step 2: Using the Cutter, Cut the Black Coloured Pencil As Shown.

Step 3: Glue the Cut Pencils to the Velvet Paper As Shown. Also, Apply Glue to the Tip of These Pencils.

Step 4: Stick a Cardboard Piece on the Top of These Pencils, With Measurements As Shown in the Image.

Step 5: Follow the Images Shown to Make Cardboard Cutouts of the Measurements Given in Them, and Place Them As Shown.

Step 6: Use the Cardboard and Wooden Sticks to Form the Window, Door and Staircase As Shown. Stick Tissue Paper Behind the Window.

Step 7: Take Cardboard Pieces of the Given Measurements to Form a Box, and Make Holes As Shown.

Step 8: Insert the LED’s As Shown. Insert the Motor in the Hole Made for It in the Cardboard.

Step 9: Make the Wire Connections As Shown.

Step 10: Take 4 Pieces of Foldable Cardboard, 6.5cm * 2.5 Cm, and Cut From the Bottom As Shown. Bend Them to Form a Curve.

Step 11: Stack 3-4 Cardboard Pieces of 2.5cm on Top of Each Other and Cover the Sides With Foldable Cardboard.

Step 12: Apply Super Glue All Over It and Stick the 4 Foldable Cardboard Pieces As Shown.

Step 13: Attach This to the Motor. You Can Use Air Blower/ Table Fan/ Hair Dryer to Act As Wind. If the LED Lights Don't Turn On, Then Switch the Wires Attached to the Motor.

Step 14: Complete the Structure of the Windmill Using Cardboard Pieces As Shown. Use Desired Colour to Paint the Roof and Blades. Your Windmill Generator Is Complete!

Step 15: Your Windmill Is Ready! Watch the Video !



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    2 Discussions

    I don't remember my school projects being quite this complicated. It's a testament to just how far education has come for the kids of this generation don't you think?


    17 days ago

    That's adorable! And a really fun science project. :)