Hand Made Whole Wheat Bread. Easy With Basic Kitchen Utensils.




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Easily bake bread from scratch without special tools. Make this simple round cob loaf by hand with just a jug, a couple of bowls, a flat surface, a cookie sheet and a spoon (and, of course, an oven). Neither machine nor bread pan are used. Few ingredients are needed (see video for list).



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    2 years ago

    I remember these as a child [about 7 to9] when living in the Italian area in Toronto.

    They made a loaf every second day. I forgot how easy it is to do.

    Thanks for reminding me :)

    The only thing I might add would be to drizzle a little bit of butter into the cracks just before baking.

    Some like this, some do not.

    Also the water should never be above 115 fareheit or the yeats dies.

    Just an aside :)

    Thanks for the video :)