How to Make Wire Bonsai Tree




Binding wire,colour,floral foam,cutter,fomic sheet or plastic sheet,glue gun,stone ,mini basket,

Step 1:

  1. Take 8 to 10 binding wires and fold them.
  2. twist the wire with the help of cutter.
  3. turn wires in shape of bonasi
  4. again twist them and cut the edges
  5. now the shape is ready

Step 2:

  1. Take white fomic sheet 0r plastic sheet
  2. draw leave on fomic sheet
  3. cut the leaves with scissor
  4. use yellow colour on sheet
  5. fold leaves in real look

Step 3:

  1. brown and black colour is used on wire
  2. now attach the tree on stone
  3. proper fix the wire with stone

Step 4:

  1. Take floral foam and paste it on stone
  2. use glue for pasting
  3. attach the laves with the glue gun on tree
  4. put the stone on basket for required result
  5. the pictures of wire bonsai tree
  6. the project is ready



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