How to Make Wire Wrapped Heart Earrings With Glass Beads and Jade Beads




Introduction: How to Make Wire Wrapped Heart Earrings With Glass Beads and Jade Beads

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Love wire wrapped earrings? If yes, you should not miss today’s Pandahall tutorial on how to make wire wrapped heart earrings with glass beads and jade beads.

Step 1: ​Supplies Needed for the Wire Wrapped Heart Earrings:

4mm Yellow Faceted Round Jade Beads

6x4mm Pink Faceted Abacus Glass Beads

Iron Jump Rings

4mm Pink Bicone Faceted Glass Beads

Silver Iron Earring Hooks

Silver Aluminum Wire

Sliver Copper Wire


Side Cutting Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Step 2: Twist the Aluminum Wire

1st, cut off a piece of aluminum wire and twist it into a heart shape, then make two simple loops at the ends;

2nd, wrap the two ends with the copper wire and tighten them.

Step 3: Make the Basic Wire Heart Pattern

1st, cut off two pieces of aluminum wire and make loops at two ends (as shown in the picture);

2nd, attach the two wire patterns with the basic wire heart with copper wires, then fix them at two different positions.

Step 4: Add the Beads and Finish the Wire Wrapped Heart Earrings

1st, cut off a long piece of copper wire and fix one end onto the loop of the wire heart, then slide 4mm pink bicone glass beads onto the wire and wrap the wire around the wire pattern;

2nd, continue to add pink glass beads and add a 6x4mm abacus pink glass beads onto the center part;

3rd, fix the copper wire with the loop until the wire pattern has been finished;

4th, slide a yellow faceted round jade bead onto a piece of copper wire and add it into the center place of the wire heart and fix them with two little hoops inside;

5th, add an earring hook onto the top to finish the heart earring.

Step 5: Make Another One With the Above Same Steps. Then This Pair of Wire Wrapped Heart Earrings Has Been Finished!

They just need simple steps to finish, right? Do you have any interest for them? Then prepare the supplies and make one pair of lovely earrings for yourself. And it is a great gift for your girlfriends, so boys should also consider taking an action. See you!

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    his heart, my art
    his heart, my art

    3 years ago

    omgosh! youre incredible! im going to do this...hopefully!


    4 years ago

    On my way to the bead store now!! Thanks you for sharing.......


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you. Looking forward your works!