How to Make Wired Headphones Wireless DIY





Introduction: How to Make Wired Headphones Wireless DIY

Nowadays, everthing is wireless all gadgets like mouse , keyboard, headphones, speakers etc. So I had got an idea to make wired headphones/ earphones wireless at home in few bucks with the old headphone . Wireless headphones are very costly but cheap ones are also available , sometimes they works well and sometimes it get damaged due to some problems. In this instructable I will show how to make your wired headphone wireless if you are having one at your homes instead buying the wireless headphone. You just need to spend $3 or less to make it wireless.

It is very easy to make it as high knowledge of electronics is not required in this instructable like soldering, making circuits etc.

Step 1:

  1. Headphone / earphone
  2. Bluetooth Receiver / Sensor
  3. Scissor
  4. Tape
  5. Adhesive glue (If required)

Step 2: Follow the Video or Steps Below to Make It Wireless

It is very easy to make it as high knowledge of electronics is not required in this instructable like soldering, making circuits etc

The main thing needed is the Bluetooth receiver/ Sensor which costs not more than $3 & a power source for it. I had used power bank as a power source for the bluetooth receiver but any other power source can be used if you don;t have a power bank

Take care that you should buy Bluetooth receiver with usb & sound jack port as seen in the above pic

Step 3:

Next step is the fix the Bluetooth receiver/ Sensor & power bank to the headphone (it is not necessary to fit it to headphone, it is as per your choice)

To do so take the headphone & tie the wire together as shown in the pic.

Step 4:

Next take the power source i.e, power bank or something that you use as a power source for the bluetooth receiver/ sensor & locate a position where you can stick it Note that don't stick it to the place where headphone are used to adjust to wear it. Use tape to to stick the power bank to the headphone

If you wanted to stick it permanently use adhesive glue between the power bank & the headphone and then wrap it with the tape to the headphone .

Step 5:

Next plug the Bluetooth receiver/ sensor to the usb port of the power bank & plug the audio jack to the Bluetooth receiver and it will get activated

And finally it looks like in the above pic.

To wear it

Step 6:

Next step is to pair the bluetooth receiver with the phone

To pair go to bluetooth setting of the phone & turn it on. Search for devices , you will find audio devices with headphone icon as shown in the pic. Then connect the audio device. It will automatically get connected to the headphone.

Finally enjoy the music..

Step 7:

Like this you can connect earphones and even speakers.

It can be used to make stereo of your car also wireless with the help of Bluetooth receiver/ sensor. For this you have to plug the blue tooth receiver/ sensor to the usb port of the stereo and plug the audio jack of the stereo to the back of the bluetooth receiver which otherwise is used to connect the mobile and follow the same procedure to pair the phone.



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    2 years ago

    Great idea thanks, I am wanting to listen to my pc speakers and my pc does not have Bluetooth is this possible? Thank you ... John :)

    I had no idea Bluetooth receivers exsited.

    I had no idea Bluetooth receivers exsited.

    You do realize bluetooth headsets cause like instant cancer and brain tumors... You not only have the tiny lithium battery decaying right in your ear, but bluetooth uses higher end spectrum microwaves, so its like an oven that talks to your phone There should be diys for turning wireless into wired Lol!

    4 replies

    I would love to see some solid numbers on this. Maybe gluten and rock music is bad too

    That is complete and utter nonsense. Microwaves and bluetooth operate over the same frequency, this is to say the waves oscillate the same number of times per second. However, the intensity of those waves is VASTLY different. Flashlights and lasers can both operate in the visible light spectrum, which is also the same frequency light, but one of those lets you find you way around your home at night and the other can cut through steel. A good way of figuring out the intensity is to compare the power output of those devices. An LED flashlight uses less than 3 watts of power, whereas a laser cutter uses over 1500 watts. Similarly, while your microwave is maybe 700-1200 watts, and draws that power from a wall socket to operate, a Bluetooth Low Energy device's receiver consumes a whopping 0.2mW, or 0.2 THOUSANDS OF A WATT. That is 0.0002 watts. We're talking about a difference of more than three orders of magnitude. A wall plug-in device versus something that operates off a tiny lithium battery for over 10 hours per charge. Cancer? Not so much.

    The minimum amount of energy required to damage a cell (provided the resonance frequency does not match that of water) is that of UV radiation. It is inaccurate to say that anything causes cancer, since we do not know for certain what causes cancer. To say something like "[noun] causes cancer," is simply a statement of a misinformed child.

    For this I had mentioned in post that you can use any other power source other than power bank and fix it to headphone as per your idea.

    Awesome. I think ill try this but integrated into the body of the head phone with some smaller Lithium batteries.


    2 years ago

    LOL... :P

    I haven't lied i had just posted a pic to explain the hack

    No but I had fixed it to the headphone instead of lying so long as wired headphones,

    1 reply

    You can make the wire short by cutting it short if you know to solder properly & fix the wire