Another Way to Make Your Bed Warm

First you need to get a clean High Density Polyethylene plastic Fuel Can ( Petrol, Diesel can ).

Step 1: Boil Water in a Kettle

Make sure you only boil tap water

Step 2: Add the Boiled Water Into the Clean Fuel Can

Put your ready boiled water into the Polyethylene hard plast Fuel can.

Step 3: Place the Clean Water Filled Container in Bed

Place HOT Water container in Bed.

Step 4: Warning

Warning :

(1) Don't use a fuel container that has already been used for fuel.

(2) Do not boil Fuel

(3) Do not Mix Fuel with water

(4) Do not spill fuel on your bed

Step 5: Very Hot

The container will have a Very hot surface and will serve you for a number of years. You can wrap the hot water container with a cloth. Or you can make something you made to dress it up.

Step 6: Dressing Up

You can dress up the fuel water container with something you made or use a cloth.

Step 7: Future Manufacturing

In the future I will manufacture High density Polyethylene Dog and Cat bed containers that will hold Hot boiled water, to keep your pet warm. Even in Dog and Cat Kennels.

But the best one is to make your own bed warm with the water container.



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    5 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    In the UK we have these specially made products called - HOT water bottles. -

    Made of rubber they are flat and comfortable to fit between your feet.

    Works really well. They even make them for pets.

    4 replies

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    +1, here in Argentina. When we have not rubber bag, we use simply a plastic or glass bottle. If the water is too hot, we put it into an old wool pullover.


    Reply 4 years ago

    The ordinary plastic bottle will melt and the glass bottle will shatter over time.It is the same if you put hot water over your cold windscreen of your car, it would shatter the glass


    I have used rubber Hot water bottles for years in the past. The problem with the rubber one's is that if the water is too hot they are prone to burst in the bed causing injury. The rubber hot water bottles are still fantastic, but take care using one. The plastic fuel can has none of these problems and is safe to use with very hot water . It will not burst unless you try to stab it a number of times


    Reply 4 years ago

    I find that if you don't fill the rubber hot water bottles to the top and burp the air out of them before fitting the stopper they dont explode. I doubt my wife would appreciate a fuel can full of hot water in the bed.