How to Make Your Billards Table...BADASS!!!

I picked up a less than perfect pool table from my local classifieds for $340. It came with the table, balls, triangle, 4 pool cues, and a box of chalk. It was in pretty rough shape so I thought I would dress it up and make it more my style.

Step 1: What You'll Need

As you can see from the pictures the table was in rough shape. How to complete a project for as cheap as I can is always my goal.

Items you'll need:

1-24"x 10 yd (30ft) roll of vinyl decal- $30

1-4'x8' sheet of Masonite (Hardboard)-$7.50

1-10 yd roll of Two sided mounting tape- $20

Vinyl Decals of your choice: Price varies on design and colors

Step 2: How to Do It

The original plan was to apply the vinyl directly to the side of the table (see my first attempt and how horrible it looks) However it showed every defect in the final finish so I had to re-think my strategy. I decided to go with 1/4" x 4' x 8' hardboard to apply my vinyl to which turns out to have an awesome finish.

The dimensions I had to cover on my table were as follows.

Long sides: 14" x 80"

Short Sides: 14" x 38"

I had my local Lowes cut my Masonite down to size at the store. They always cut my material for free.

I found that applying the vinyl was a bit tricky but after some practice I was able to apply it super fast and with no bubbles in the final product.

The trick is to "roll" the vinyl on opposed to "peeling and sticking".

After I finished the base color, I measured, centered and added my decals. Then I added the two sided tape and stuck the panels to the side of the table. Be careful when applying this mounting tape as it is really sticky and very difficult to remove once it set in place.

Step 3: Final Product!!

So there it is. super easy to do. I took it a step farther and vinyl the top of my tables rails so they matched the sides (its hard to tell because the original rails were a carbon fiber vinyl)



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