How to Make Your Car Tire Shine

Introduction: How to Make Your Car Tire Shine

We all want our car tires to look good. It is not just car detailers and enthusiasts. Having a good black and wet looking tire is something everyone wants. These days it has gotten quite easy to get such kind of tire and you can see many cars driving around with such tires. Many people therefore ask themselves what do those car owners do in order to get such a good shine on their tires?

Well here we have short and simple guide about that. What to do in order to get a shiny tire on your beloved car?

First of all you need to buy tire cleaner or at least car wash soap. Then a degreaser and good tire dressing are also recommended. You should follow the following steps;

- First wash the tire. You can use tire cleaner or car wash soap although the former is a better choice.

- Wait for it to dry. If the tire is clean without anything on it, you are set. But it is more likely that it still has some things on it. In this way repeat the process once again.

- If after the second cleaning it's still not clean, you might have to use the degreaser. Use it on dry tire and stir up all the dirt after applying the degreaser. This should do the trick. Then just wash it and wait for it to dry.

- Now when it's dry and clean, apply the tire dressing. Use a tire dressing which is not harmful for your tire but it also holds for a while. You should consider some good tire dressing. Choose the best one recommended by the professionals and professional sites.

This is it! A short and simple guide to make your tire shiny. I hope you enjoyed it!

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