How to Make Your Dog Sing




Introduction: How to Make Your Dog Sing

This is about how to make your dog sing.  I can't promise that your dog will sing, but I do plan to tell you how we got my dog to start singing.

My bichon frise, Pierre, isn't ever going to be make a doggy CD, but he certainly entertains guests when he starts howling/singing. I've seen videos with other howling dogs, although I don't have another dog, I am going to tell you how we got my dog to start singing.

When he was a puppy, we chose to sing a song to him. The primary reason at the time is because he would get all excited and then stop, sit, and turn his head side to side cutely. However, over time, he started barking at us when we would sing. Finally, he started howling as well. He stopped for a while, but I decided to encourage him by howling myself at the end of each line. He would give me the craziest look, followed by howling too!

I'm pretty sure he was trying to teach me how to sing. I purposely do an annoying singing voice with too many high notes, but it works. Now, Pierre will even sing Happy Birthday at parties.

So, since this is an instructable, I am going to give you some tips on trying to get your puppy to sing too!

1. Sing yourself. Choose a song and sing it, not necessarily well, all the time. When you are cooking, cleaning, during the commercials on TV, just look at your puppy and sing. Throw some barks and howls in there too.

2. If your dog does bark or howl while you are singing, then TREAT instantly. Praise them for doing so well. Just don't punish them for not singing. Honestly, if I were a dog, I don' know what I'd have thought about me when I would sing to Pierre.

3. If it doesn't work, keep trying. Play some videos from the internet loud enough for your dog to hear. Just keep trying. Sing more. Howl more. Turn into a dog yourself (kidding. I don't think that will work).

I hope you can get your dog to sing too! It's adorable and sweet. If you can't, you are more than welcome to watch and listen to Pierre anytime!

Hope you enjoyed the instructable! 

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    4 years ago

    this is awesome, i'm going to try it. will it work on adult dogs though?? thanks.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hey hello. This is exactly how I trained my puppy to sing a few years ago. It was so cute at first but now we can't listen to music at home much because he sings away to everything. Did you figure out how to stop your dog singing??