How to Make Your Home Safer

Introduction: How to Make Your Home Safer

Having a safe environment in the house means having a peaceful mind when your kids run around and play. Weather you have children or an elderly person living with you, make sure your house is safe at all times. With the advice and tips mentioned below, you are sure to upgrade the safety indoors.

Step 1: Clean the Stairs

Items lying on the stairs can be a safety hazard, as it can cause a person to trip. Always make sure that the stairs are safe, by removing any obstacles, even the smallest innocent looking ones. Furthermore, the stairway should always be well lit. Repair any damaged or worn carpet. The balustrades should be solid and you should keep them anything that can make them slippery.

Step 2: Dry the Floor

Once you or any member of your family took a bath or a shower, make sure that the tiles in the bathroom are dry. Purchase anti-slippery bath mats for your bathrooms to avoid slips and falls. Mop the floor if wet and make sure to let it dry before letting your kids enter the bathroom. This also includes the kitchen tiles or any other polished floor area.

Step 3: Get Cushioned Corner-and-Edge Protectors

These are useful if you have small floor area and it is easy to hit yourself against a sharp edge furniture. They do not prevent a person from getting hurt, but can surely lessen the injury. Cushioned corner-and-edge protectors are an inexpensive way to make your home much safer and can be found in most DIY stores. The companies below are few of the most popular DIY stores:

Step 4: Test for Radon

Radon is a radioactive gas, which is released when uranium breaks down in rocks, water and soil. It cannot be seen or smelled, that is why testing for radon is an important step when moving into a new home. Get this done as soon as possible, as radon is such a radioactive gas which can cause lung cancer and many other tragic diseases.

Step 5: Place Stickers on Glass

Placing a few large stickers on big areas of glass, such as sliding doors will remind your children, guests or yourself that they are there. How many times have you seen someone walking into a glass door? Make sure this does not happen to any member of your family to save them from injury and make sure there will be no damages. Website like is an example of a company selling glass stickers.

Step 6: Be Prepared for Fire

To make your house safe, purchasing a smoke detector is crucial. Have a smoke alarm in the kitchen, every corridor and your basement. Additionally, multipurpose fire extinguishers are essential, you should have at least more than one. Keep them in more than one location so that your access to it is not blocked by fire.

Step 7: Place Furniture Wisely

If you have children, then you probably understand by now that kids love to climb and reach any high areas possible. This includes the furniture, windowsills and even large electronic devices. Make sure that furniture of different sizes are not placed in a way for a child to be able to climb on them.

Step 8: Get Professional Advice

If you feel like your home needs more safety improvement, you can always hire professionals who inspect your home. They are called home inspectors and their main role is to examine the house to find out any problems. Inspecting the roof to check its drainage, as well as inspecting the foundations and flooring such as balconies and porches are just one of the their specialities. Check to find out more about the responsibilities of a home inspector.

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