How to Make Your MacBook or MacAir Power Cable Last Forever! Well, Not Quite . . .!




The MagSafe brick is a solid piece of work, a design that is used for powering up iPads, iPhones and the MacBook series of laptops. However, the MagSafe for Powerbooks has a severe problem.

Step 1: The Core of the Problem With the MagSafe Connectors to Mac Laptops

I use my MacBook Pro a LOT! I take it places and I plug it in and have never thought about how my power cord was doing until about 18 months later. The weakest point of the cable to the Mac is right where the power connector to the Mac and the chord meet: flimsy at best. While the MagSafe connectors are made so that your Mac will not be damaged by some inadvertent action by you, or if someone pulls the cord so that the magnetic connector releases. However, there are OTHER things that this safety measure does not include: the bending and flexing of the cord near the computer that creates LOTS of wear and tear. What is the solution to the wear and tear? Buy an entirely new MagSafe package with a new power cable and wall plug! This is expensive, especially if you live outside of the United States (as I do) where they can cost almost twice as much!

Step 2: Here Is the Solution!

When you put two rubber bands (I can't find very small zip ties for this here and, maybe that would not be better as they have sharp edges) on the cable as I have done here, you can stop the kind of wear on the cord entirely! Be sure to bend the cord with a loop in it AND to make sure which way your cord will attach to you Mac when you are done.

Happy computing!



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    Good idea!