How to Make Your Own Electronic Jewelry, Peek!




Introduction: How to Make Your Own Electronic Jewelry, Peek!

Peek is a jewelry line in which the designer, Jacquelyn Chim is creating beautiful extraordinary jewelry that is made with amazing electronic designable jewelry parts! Although it seems quite hard, follow these steps and you'll have an amazing sparkling earring or necklace in no time!

Step 1: Step 1: Gather All Your Materials!

To make Peek Jewelry, you will need:

- a adafruit Flora and Gemma or a neopixel, whichever one you prefer

- some conductive thread (and optional, also normal thread if you want to sew something up without it conducting)

- needles

- a small battery pack, preferably to be hidden on the back of your adafruit.

- small hooks used to make earrings!

- a USB to plug your adafruit into your computer to get the code on

- a programmed called Arduino IDE

- your imagination! you can get creative and make it however you want!

Step 2: Step 2: Making the Jewelry Itself!

For this step, you will need to used the conductive thread, adafruit flora and gemma, or a neopixel(bigger but is easier since it is in the strand test itself), an earring hook (or a piece of cloth if you want to make a choker), both threads, and a small battery pack!

We do need to program it later by using a USB and downloading a program called Arduino IDE. (Which will be in Step 3.)

If you are going to make an earring, you are going to need any adafruit product, an earring hook, conductive thread, and a battery pack!

1. You are going use the conductive thread to sew the pins in place, meaning so it will connect with each other and get the information from the flora. Power pin to Volt, or V+, In to 1, and GRND to GRND. (If you are confused or need to ask questions, you can contact me or contact me in gmail:

You can apply the hook in a bigger hole so then it does not interfere with the connections. Make sure the hook is secure so then the hook will not fall out! Warning, this earring might be a tad bit heavy.

To make a choker, you will need to do the same steps as the earring but instead an earring hook, you will need to get a piece of cloth that you desire and sow the adafruit onto the cloth with the normal thread.

Step 3: Step 3: Applying the Code

You will need a USB, a computer with Adruino IDE, and your adafruit. Use the USB to plug in the adafruit and open your Arduino IDE program with the .ido file I have included. you will have to change the number of pixels you have on your adafruit.

Once that is applied into the adafruit fully uploaded, you will need the battery pack to make it portable!

Thank you! Contact me and contact me in if you have any problems!

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