How to Make Your Own IR Mood Lamp




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Home decorations with lighting are beautiful but creating that lighting by yourself is awesome. In today’s video I’ll show you how you can make your own IR mood lamp with very few components. The build is pretty easy and simple to understand.

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Step 1: Watch the Video.

Step 2: Part List:

Components and Materials
2.IR receiver:
3.RGB 5mm led:
4.DC jack
6.5mm Red led
7.5V Power supply.
8.Female Headers
10.Acrylic sheet.
11.5mm pitch plywood

3.Electric drill
5.Electric tape

Step 3: Building the Enclosure and the Frame.

I used a pitch plywood of 5mm thickness so that I can build the enclosure out of it,here is the measurements of each parts.

1. base-(10*10 cm)
2. top-(11*11 cm)
3. sides-(10*4cm) X 2
4. sides-(11*4cm) X 2

I used acrylic sheet of thickness 3mm and cut out 3 equal pieces with dimension (22*4cm) to form a triangular shaped frame.

Step 4: Setting Up the Electronics.

I used a Arduino Nano as the brain of the system with IR receiver and a RGB led as a complimentary parts.
Firstly connect the data out pin of the receiver to pin 11 of the arduino,and don't forget to connect the ground and vcc pins.
Now an important thing here is to download the IRremote library if you don’t have it already.Now under example just upload the IRrecvdemo code without making any changes.Once the upload is done,press any key of your remote and you’ll see the hexadecimal value of that key in the serial monitor.

IR library Arduino:
Link for code:

Now take 3 wires from pin 3,7,9 of the Arduino to the cathodes of the RGB led,then connect the common anode to +5V. Now,upload the code and lets give it a test.Once you know everything is working as per as your idea.Its time to pack it inside the enclosure.

Step 5: Success.

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Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.

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