How to Make Your Own Marked Cards

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how to make your own marked cards

marked cards are trick cards that can be used for magic tricks or also cheating in card games. (don't cheat in card games only us this for magic tricks) A marked deck is basically a deck of cards with small designs on the back so you can see what card it is but the designs are so small nobody notices them. for this tutorial I am going to be teaching you how to make this deck out of bicycle cards because they are the most common deck of cards and are sold almost anywhere. with that out of the way here is how to make a marked deck of cards.

Step 1: The Pip

on the top of a bicycle card you should see 8 dots surrounding 1 dot. for whatever number the pip is you must put a scrape with a exact o knife on that dot. (be careful) for example in the picture above the card is a ace so the scrape is on the first dot which is at the top. if it was a 2 you would put it on the second dot. if the card is 9 or higher than you start the count over putting the scrape on the right side.

Step 2: The Suit

for the suit you must use the dots under the one we used for the pip. to tell the suit we will be using chased order. this stands for clubs, hearts, spades, diamonds. for example in the picture above the second dot is scraped telling us that it is a heart so this card is the ace of hearts.



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