How to Make Your Own Notebook From Scratch!

Introduction: How to Make Your Own Notebook From Scratch!

About: Made this instructable account for my Design Tech Lab class.

I will show you the steps to make your own notebook from scratch. The benefit of this is that you can customize it however you want!

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need...

Paper of your choice (max 50-70) Note that whatever size paper you chose the final notebook pages will be half that size.

Needle and rather thicker thread

An awl that can pierce through many papers



Cutting board



4 paper clips

Step 2: Prepare Your Notebook

Neatly stack your papers on top of each other and clip on the 4 paper clips as shown in the image.

Using a ruler draw a vertical line down the middle of the paper. Draw the line where you want your binding to be.

Then mark an even amount of equally spaced dots in the middle of the line you drew (depending on the size of the paper you will mark a different amount of wholes, for example a notebook from A4 paper ideally would have four marked). These dots will mark where you are going to make wholes for the binding. Space out the dots appropriately depending on the size of paper. For example if you are making a notebook out of A4 paper 3cm spaces would be ideal.

Then mark another dot directly in the middle of the two middle dots. For example on a paper with four dots, mark the dot in the middle of the second and third.

Step 3: Make Wholes

First lay down your cutting board and place you papers on it.

Place the awl tip on a marked whole. And with your hammer hit down on the awl with appropriate force to pierce through all the papers. Repeat this for all the marked wholes.

Step 4: Bind

Take your needle and thread and go through the middle whole and tie a knot so the thread won't slip out.

Then start stitching under and over in one direction. When you reach the last whole in that direction, start stitching all the way to last dot on the other end. Then stitch back to the middle where you started.

Step 5: Cut Off the Extra Thread

Tie a knot and cut the extra thread.

Step 6: Bend Your Notebook

Take off the paper clips.

Bend your note book together from where the binding is.

Step 7: Ta Da!

You have finished making your note book.

You can now customise it however you want!

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    2 years ago

    I love your drawings and projects! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!