How to Make Your Own SNAKES & LADDERS Game




Sometimes, you and your friends get bored that you don't know what to do. However, playing board games is fun, but CREATING YOUR OWN GAME IS EVEN FUNNER! By following the steps you are about to see, you and your friends will create your own SNAKES & LADDERS game, and you will forget that boredom exists.


All you need for creating your own SNAKES & LADDERS game is:

1) papers

2) a pencil

3) scissors

4) a black pen

5) color pencils

6) markers

7) glue stick

8) a ruler

Step 1: Making a Squared Paper

The first step is making a squared paper. First you have to fold the paper to make a triangular shape. At the base of the triangle draw a straight line using your pencil and ruler. Then unfold the paper, and use your scissors to cut where you drew the line. In the end, you'll get a squared paper.

Step 2: Making 100 Small Squares

In this step, you will need a ruler and a pencil. First measure any side of your squared paper using your ruler. you have to divide the side length by 10, since you want to draw 100 squares. By doing so, all squares will have the same size. Using your ruler and your pencil, draw 9 vertical lines and 9 horizontal lines with equal spacing (the spacing between the lines should be the measurement of the side length divided by 10). Thus, you will get 100 equal squares.

Step 3: Numbering the Squares

Use your black pen to number the squares. Remember that you should start from the bottom left corner of the paper. After numbering a whole row, move one square up to continue numbering. Don't continue numbering from the beginning of the row, continue by moving up, and so on. Use the same order presented in the picture. After numbering all the squares, you can color the 100th square any color you like. I chose yellow because it is my favorite color!

Step 4: Sketching the Snakes and Ladders

Now it is time to get CREATIVE! Use your creativity to sketch the snakes and ladders. Draw the snakes and ladders wherever you want. Give your snakes unique shapes, such as making some stripped, others dotted, or any style you like! :)

Step 5: Coloring the Snakes and Ladders

Use your color pencils to make your game look vibrant, colorful, and nice. You can color them with all the colors you have. Make your own unique styles, just like the rainbow snakes I colored.

Step 6: Using Marker Lids

The final step is bringing a dice and marker lids to indicate the person who is playing. Sit with your friends and let each one choose a colored marker lid. Roll the dice and see which one can reach 100 first. If any player gets a ladder, then they move up to the end of the ladder. However, if any player gets a snake, they move down to the tail of it. Now you finally know the steps on how to create your own game. Gather your friends and enjoy! :)

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