How to Make Your Own Stickers




Introduction: How to Make Your Own Stickers

This is a quick tutorial on how to make your own stickers. I made these stickers at TechShop in San Francisco. You can check out more about TechShop at 

The things you may want or need to make your stickers:
- Sticker printer paper (This can usually be picked up at any office supply store)
- Scissors 
- An idea or sketch for your stickers (If you don't have any, don't fret I'll show you any easy solution)
- A printer

Step 1: Creating Your Sticker Idea

First you're going to need an idea for your sticker. If you don't already have a JPEG file or sketch that you have already scanned, then an easy solution is to Photoshop any photo that interests you. 

In this example, I found a picture of the photographer Diane Arbus which I imported into Photoshop.

Step 2: Editing Your Sticker

Once in Photoshop I went to Image>Adjustment>Posterize and changed the level to 2. 

Step 3: Blurring

After posterizing a photo it can be a bit rough on the edges so it's important to blur it afterwards. In this step I went to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur and set my blur to 0.4.

Step 4: Multiplying Your Image

Since I plan on using sticker paper that is 8.5x11 inches I want to make sure I get the most out of the space. I created a new document on Adobe Illustrator that fit these constraints and copied my image over. The image was a little large so I shrunk it to 2.5in by 3in. Afterwards I moved the image to the top left cornered and started copying/pasting the image multiple times across the paper until I filled the whole space. Now it is time for printing.

Step 5: Printing

You'll first want to test the printer before putting your sticker paper inside to see if you should place it in the printer facing up or facing down. To do this simply take a blank sheet of paper, put a mark on one side, and place it in the printer with the marked side facing up. Print an image on top of this paper and if the image is printed onto the mark then insert the sticker paper with the sticker side facing up. If your image appears on the opposite side of the marked paper then flip your sticker paper facing down when you put it into the printer. 

Step 6: Finishing Steps

Once you print your stickers the only thing left to do is cut them. Congrats, now you have your own stickers to hand out to friends and stick on your laptop. Enjoy!

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