DIY: Make Your Own Succulent Wreath

Introduction: DIY: Make Your Own Succulent Wreath

The arrival of autumn doesn't have to mean the end of all fresh growth for the foreseeable future. As the leaves start to fall, keep some foliage thriving with a homemade succulent wreath. Taysia Scarano, author of the blog Succulents and Saucepans, showed us how to make one that's perfect as a door hanging or centerpiece. And the best part: It requires little care and can live for years. Full instructions here:

— Series by Beryl Shereshewsky and Allegra Scarano; video by Beryl Shereshewsky, Allegra Scarano, Robert Sevilla and Brendon Schulze

Materials needed:
Pair of latex gloves
Floral wire
Wreath frame
Sphagnum moss
Floral pins
Pencil/pen/screwdriver (something to make a hole for the succulents)
Rooting hormone

1. Soak your sphagnum moss in a large bowl. The moss must be completely saturated for 10 minutes.
2. Take moss out and wring out the water. Set aside. (Wear gloves and a face mask when dealing with the moss.)
3. With your floral wire, tie a knot to one end of the wreath frame.
4. Take a handful of moss and stuff it into the frame, forming your desired shape and thickness.
5. Wrap the wire around the moss. This will hold the moss in place. Continue the process, one handful of moss at a time, until the wreath is covered.
6. Organize your succulent cuttings. We organized ours by size and color.
7. To plant the cuttings in the wreath, use a pencil/pen/screwdriver to create a hole in the moss.
8. One cutting at a time, dip the end into the rooting hormone and then stick it in the hole in the wreath.
9. To keep the succulent in place until it roots, secure it with a floral pin.
10. Repeat steps eight and nine until the wreath is complete.
11. Spray or soak in water once every two to three weeks. Do not overwater! If you are unsure, hold the wreath and feel its weight; if it feels very light and dry, it's time to water it. Succulents need about three to four hours of sunlight, either early morning or late afternoon.

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