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Hey friends, Have you ever wanted to hack all wifi signal without knowing the wifi passwords. or just want to kick someone out from their wifi or a neighbors wifi. Well today in this video i will show you how to make wifi jammer in easiest way. Here is the $8 DIY Wifi hacker to try for yourself. This wifi jammer is so tiny you can fit into pocket. and carry it anywhere. it can powered through your power bank. You can perform multiple types of deauth attack, random beacon spam, beacon spam attack.
Here is the simplest tutorial on how to make your own wifi jammer in just few steps.

DISCLAIMER- I would not be responsible for any illegal activity, WiFi jamming is illegal in some countries or places so make sure that it is used for your home wifi and it is purely for educational purposesand it causes no harm to the router and connected devices.
Description- Assemble your own WiFi jammer with an ESP8266. You select the customers you need to disengage from their system and begin the assault. For whatever length of time that the assault is running, the chose gadgets can't associate with their system. You can examine for systems, filter for customer gadgets, and begin distinctive assaults.

What is a WiFi Jammer?
What it will be: It's a gadget which plays out a deauth attack.You select the customers you need to separate from their system and begin the assault. For whatever length of time that the attack is running, the chosen gadgets can't interface with their system. A WiFi Jammer is a device that jams the WiFi Network by intercepting its requests to the network and by bring the network or removing( Kick off) the clients that are connected to that network.

How it functions:
The 802.11 WiFi convention contains an alleged deauthentication outline. It is utilized to detach customers securely from a remote system. Since these bundles are decoded, you simply require the MAC address of the WiFi switch and of the customer gadget which you need to detach from the system. You don't should be in the system or know the password, it's sufficient to be in its range.
What an ESP8266 is:

NodeMCU is an open source IoT platform. An open-source firmware and development kit that helps you to prototype your IoT product within a few Lua script lines
Read more about deauthentication attack-

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Step 1: Watch Video

Watch video because visual is always better than text.

Step 2: Gather Your Parts: Really Simple

Things you will be needing-

  • ESP8266 NODEMCU WiFi development Board

Amazon link- Here
Electronicscomp link- Here

  • Micro USB cable that charges your smartphone

Amazon link- Here

  • PC (personal computer) to program nodeMCU

Arduino IDE

Download link-Here
Download according to your computer working system- 64 bits and 32 bits.
Files and code you will be needing- (Credit goes to the original creator spacehuhn)
Download from here

Step 3: Getting Started :ARDUINO IDE SETUP

Download the latest Arduino compiler from the Arduino website -
Download from here

1. Install Arduino and open it.
2. Go to File > Preferences

3. Add


to the Additional Boards Manager URLs.
4. Go to Tools > Board > Boards Manager
5. Type in esp8266 .
6 .Select version 2.0.0 and click on Install (must be version 2.0.0)
7. Go to File > Preferences
8. Open the folder path under More preferences can be edited directly in the file
don't forget to save!
9 .Go to packages > esp8266 > hardware > esp8266 > 2.0.0 > tools > sdk > include
10 .Open user_interface.h file with your favourite text editor or just wordpad.
11. Scroll down and before #endif add following lines: if you cant see correct copy it from the txt file included in the project files.

12.Open esp8266_deauther > esp8266_deauther.ino in Arduino

13. Select your ESP8266 board at Tools > Board and the right port at Tools > Port If no port shows up you may have to reinstall the drivers.

14. Go to Tools>Programmer>Arduino ISP

<p>typedef void (**freedom_outside_cb__t)(uint8 status);<br>int wifi_register_send_pkt_freedom_cb(freedom_outside_cb_t cb); void wifi_unregister_send_pkt_freedom__cb(void); int wifi_send_pkt_freedom(uint8 **buf, int len, bool sys_seq)


Step 4: How to Use

  1. First power up your ESP8266 NodeMCU with a power bank or mobile charger. You can also power this module using 9V battery please refer this- Here

2. Now you can control your jammer using any smartphone or PC. Just Connect to ESP8266 Module so that you can scan for WiFi networks from your Mobile or PC or MAC and connect to AndroidAP . The password is killwifi . You can change this SSID and Password from the code you uploaded.

Controlling from Android or PC
  1. Open up any Web Browser (recommended Google Chrome) and type in search box, it is the IP address of the Nodemcu module that we have recently programmed.
  2. A HTML page will appear shown in the images above.
  3. Scan the WiFi networks near you and select it and go to attack Tab.

Choose deauth all boom everyone on the wifi should be disconnected now, you can try other attacks as well

Happy hacking

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Step 5: Troubleshooting

Problems while operating Jammer

*Only Scanning-There is a revealed issue on this: exchanging the program or open the site with another device.

*espcomm_sync fizzled/espcomm_open while transferring
The Arduino IDE can't speak with the chip, ensure the correct port is selected!You can likewise experiment with various USB ports and cables.If this doesn't understand it you may need to introduce USB drivers.Which drivers you require relies on upon the board, most sheets utilize a cp2102, cp2104 or ch340. If it doesn't work goto tools and change the port to the available ports.
Deauth attack won't work

In the event that you see 0 pkts/s on the site, you have committed an error. Check on the off chance that you have taken after the means accurately and that the privilege SDK introduced, it must be 2.0.0!If it can send parcels yet your objective don't free its association then the WiFi switch utilizes 802.11w and it's ensured against such assaults or they impart by means of 5 GHz WiFi, which the ESP8266 doesn't.

On the off chance that you have different inquiries or issues with the ESP8266 you can likewise look at the official group discussion.

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    11 Discussions


    2 years ago

    When i scan for networks to attack nothing shows up can someone help me solve this issue

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Reupload code or use any other browser it will definitely work
    Cheers TECHMINER


    2 years ago

    NodeMCU is really not good for beginners . Go to the ESP2866 forum first and read up . They are expensive and not needed . The basic ESP-12 costs $3 and will do the same on its own.

    "few Lua script line" ? You have to learn the language first to be able to work with it and its IDE is difficult to say the least .

    Use Arduino IDE if you want it easy.

    4 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    ESP8266 12 module is not very handy and very difficult to program while nodemcu has built in micro usb to power and program it and also it has 5-9 V to 3. 3 v convertor which E-12 does not have.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Now thats a matter of opinion . The esp-12 is wired up straight to an arduino 3.3v and programmed via the arduino IDE . $3 for each board so $6 all up .Much quicker ,easier and far less costly . Whats the cost of a Nodemcu these days?


    Reply 2 years ago

    around $2.30 inc delivery on Aliexpress for a Mini Wemos ...


    Reply 2 years ago

    Really - didn't know that! last I saw they were $50


    2 years ago

    Thanks really awesome project


    2 years ago

    Nice project with all errors solved Thanks Techminer


    2 years ago