How to Make Yourself 3D With Makeup




Introduction: How to Make Yourself 3D With Makeup

In the video tutorial you can see the entire process and it would make me incredibly happy if you would check it out and subscribe to my youtube <3

Step 1: How to Make Yourself 3D With Makeup

Helloo people!

Here I am with another facepaint/makeup look again. This time it's to fool your eyes :D

and yes I am fully aware of the fact that people are already threedimensional, but this is recreating the old-skool red and blue 3D glasses effect :)

Step 2: Facepaint Products

For this look you only need a couple of products

First I'm gonna need a red and blue facepaint. I'm using aquapaints from Kryolan.
you're gonna need a vibrant red and a light blue

Step 3: Eyeshadows

To later on shade the blue parts I'm going to use a dark matte blue eyeshadow.
This eyeshadow is from BH cosmetics

Step 4: Red Eyeshadow

To shade the red parts you can just use a red eyeshadow. I didn't have one, so a red blush was a good second option

Step 5: Creating the First Lines on Your Face

Now the basics of this entire look is tracing the shapes on your face, but you're gonna move them a few inches.
Example: i didn't trace my nose on my nose itself, I drew a little aside from it. This will make it look like your face is shifting and is going to confuse the eyes.

Step 6: Painting Your Body

The same goes for your body. I traced my collarbones, muscles and sides of my neck.
what you see in a lot of anaglyph/3D photo's is that the blue/red parts are always a bit aside from the subject.
this is why i'm also painting the sides of my face, neck and shoulders.

Step 7: Adding Blue Facepaint

the same goes for the blue facepaint. try not to mix the red and blue because it's not going to be pretty. if you want them to overlap, just fill them in seperately. the blue is usually on the opposite side of the subject than the red is.

so if you fill in the right side of your face with red, you can fill in the left side with blue.
they also overlap eachother a lot (without mixing, like i just said)

Step 8: Shading

the shading is quite simple. with the red colour i'm just going over all the edges of the red facepaint. that's it :)

Step 9: Contouring

Not neccesary, but it does give your face some extra colour. I'm contouring with red and on the place where I usually put my highlighter i put the blue facepaint

Step 10: Shading Your Body

to shade my body i'm switching to a larger brush, this will make it look less patchy than with a small brush

Step 11: Painting Your Hair

this really pulls the look together. Aquapaints are safe to put in your hair and wash out with shampoo.

to make it a little easier to paint my hair, I sprayed it with water first. the paint glides on better that way.
and then i just painted random strokes of my hair red and blue

Step 12: Lipstick

This is optional, but because of all the vibrant paints my lips seemed a little lost on my face.
I used a vibrant pink colour from NYX to bring the colour back to my lips

Step 13: WHOOHOO! You're Done!

That's it! :D

i hope this tutorial made a bit sense, and i hope you liked it!

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Neat idea! Has anyone looked at you with 3D glasses on? To see what it looks like?


    4 years ago

    I love this! Very well done and a great concept. I also didn't know you could use aquacolor to paint your hair! I'll have to try that.