How to Make ZOMBIE HANDS for Halloween at Home




Introduction: How to Make ZOMBIE HANDS for Halloween at Home

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Hi friends today we're going make ZOMBIE HANDS for Halloween at our home by using household materials.
And this is my Halloween contest entry so please if you like my idea don't forget to vote me which matters more to me.
So let's get started!!!

Step 1: Gather the Materials

We'll be making use of
1.Tissue paper
2. Wood glue
3. Food colour(red-artificial blood)
4. Some makeup materials which I borrowed from my girlfriend.
5. Some water,scissor and hair dryer.

Let's move on.

Step 2: Add a Layer

Wipe your hand off using cleanser and now put some part of wood glue on your hand as in the picture. Now just gently spread it over.

Step 3: Add Tissues

Now on the layer of wood glue we put some tissues. I layed three layers so it looks some natural. It's your wish but minimum is two layers of tissues.
Now cut the surrounding area with the help of scissor.

Step 4: Now Let's Make It Up

Now add some part of skin cream to the preparation and spread it using your fingers.

Step 5: Now Let Us Make Some Blood

Take some warm water and add food colour of colour red (here you can also use oil). Stir it using the toothpick and let's move on

Step 6: Apply to the Hand

Now apply the artificial blood to the preparation so that it looks really Zoombie hand. Also use tissues to gently spread it over the hand so that it looks natural.
Use the images as reference.

Step 7: Lastly

This is the process how we make ZOMBIE HANDS at home.
My English is really bad so please adjust for that
And this was my entry to Halloween contest so if you like my idea please don't forget to vote me which is a lot for me.
Thanks for spending your valuable time. Thank you!

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    2 years ago

    sure your girlfriend would love you to use all those cream ($$) and painted it red after :D

    Joke aside, it's pretty well done


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