How to Make a 100% Natural, Organic, Water Bottle Popsicle!!!

Introduction: How to Make a 100% Natural, Organic, Water Bottle Popsicle!!!

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This popsicle is only fruit and water, which makes it 100% natural!!! The great thing about it too, is that it tastes great, and I didn't pay a ton of money for some store bought popsicle!!! It tastes just like a real popsicle, except you're being healthy in just a few short steps!!! You can also eat them any way, with a spoon or without one!!! I hope you like them, I sure did!!!

Step 1: Supplies

To make this delicious popsicle you only need a water bottle, blender, any fruits of your choice, a knife (depending on what kind of fruit you use), and yourself!!!

Step 2: Drinking

Drink the water in your water bottle down to where I showed you, because once you add the fruit it will get taller, plus freezing it will expand the water bottle.  Now your done with this step!!!

Step 3: Blending

Take your fruits and put them in your blender and blend them up 'till there nice and drinkable!!!

Step 4: Pouring

Pour your blended fruit into your water bottle until your water isn't clear, meaning that you put a lot of fruit in the bottle!!!

Step 5: Freezing

Put your bottle in the freezer over night, so that it completely freezes!!!

Step 6: Cutting

Cut off the top of the water bottle to where it filled up!!!

Step 7: Done!!!

Now you can enjoy your nice water bottle popsicle on a hot summer day, that is delicious and you can eat with either a spoon or just your mouth by pushing it up like push popsicle : ) !!!

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