How to Make a 12v Battery Pack at Home

Introduction: How to Make a 12v Battery Pack at Home

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How to make a 12v battery pack at home is an easy project based on multiple Li-ion batteries in series to create a 12v pack. If you need a 12v battery and want to learn how to make it from 18650 cell watch the video it has details on how to make a new battery at home.You can make this battery from 18650 cell that can be harvested from laptop batteries or power banks, a thing that has Li-ion in it can be reused and reconfigured in a homemade battery

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Step 1: Things Needed for the Battery Pack

You have two options one is to solder the batteries and then make your connection series or parallel or mixed

i have found that this 18650 battery holder works just fine and you can reuse them for other projects.

The important steps when making a 12v battery:
Charging the cells

Discharging and see the mAh of each battery

Match them to closed capacity

Make your battery pack by series or parallel connection

Parts needed for this project:

18650 cells

18650 battery holder


Step 2: How to Make the Battery Pack

In the picture, you can see a very easy diagram on how to solder the wire

keep in mind that the positive + and negative - terminals have to have the same length

to keep the pack balanced that's a tip for future arrangements of combined series and parallel connection

Step 3: Inserting the Cells

Is very easy we will alternate the cells when we gonna put them in the first cell up the plus + terminal

second, up part is gonna be the minus - terminal and the 3rd cell with the plus terminal upwards.

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    2 years ago

    Your idea is good, but dangerous!
    First you should never use 18650 batterys or other LiIons, without a protection circuit.
    Second: LIIons in series should always have a load balancer circuit.For examle three batteries in series need a 1p 3s

    Those circuts you can find for cheap on Amazon AliExpress, Ebay and others.