How to Make a 18650 Lithium-ion Battery Charger

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In this instructables I will show you how to make a 18650 battery charger

Step 1: More Details in This Video

Step 2: Take a Paper Clip

Take a paper clip and take a part of the clip and bend like shows in the image

Step 3: Soldering Paper Clip

Take a pcb and take a 18650 battery as a measurement and mark it.solder paper clip well.

Step 4:

Take a thin steel wire and place it on sides of battery. Then make another one like that.

Step 5: Mark + and -

Step 6: Tp4056 Module

Tp4056 module is the main part of our project.glue module to pcb by using hot glue or double side tape. Connect b+ to positive of battery and b- to negative of battery.

Step 7:

Now it's ready to charge battery. Simply place battery inbetween the paper clips and connect any 5v power source here Iam using my diy power to charge the batteries.



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    Question 2 months ago

    How log it take to charge and is it charging fully to 100%

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    Electro makerMajidA41

    Answer 2 months ago

    It generally takes about 4 hours to charge an 18650 mod battery using a separate charger. If you use a Micro USB charger, it is likely to take about three hours. However, be advised that there can be some slight variance in charging times, even for a new battery.


    3 months ago

    I really like Your battery stands! I will definitely use Your idea in my project(s). Thx.

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