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I was playing around with some spare change, seeing what I could make when I came up with the idea of making a ring out of a 2 penny. This simple ring takes around 1-2 hours to make but looks great on your finger when finished.

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Step 1: Parts/Equipment

To make this simple but good looking ring, you will need:

1. A 2 penny coin or any coin of similar size

2. A hammer

3. A hard suface to bang against

4. A drill

5. Sand paper (I used p240)/ Steel wool

6. A round file

Step 2: Measuring

First you need to measure the ring bearers finger so you know how big to make your ring. It is very important to get this right otherwise your ring may be too big or small.

Step 3: Hammering

Now come the long and tedious part. Find a nice hard surface the push against while you are banging the coin. slowly rotate the coin while bang the edges with a hammer. After about an hour of banging I got mine down to size but remember to measure the coin as you go.

Step 4: Nearly Done- Drilling

Once your coin is the right size you need to drill the inside out. I didn't have a big enough drill bit so I had to use a file to get the rest out. If you have a dremel you could also use that.

Step 5: Polishing Up

When your ring has a hole through it you can use some sand paper and/or steel wool to polish it and get rid of any sharp edges.

Step 6: Done

Now you have yourself a ring that was made with a handful of love, a 2 penny and a few hours of spare time.

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    3 years ago

    If you're ever giving this away as a present, when you drill a hole in it drill a smaller one and but a bolt through it and put it in a power drill and spin it and rub it down with Sandpaper it will remove most of the imperfections and bring a small shine if I remember correctly, when done right it's an unbelieveable gift made from a Two pence coin and if you're skilled enough you can even leave the words "Two Pence Piece" in there to prove it's out of a Two P coin. I hope you do attempt this to see the amazingness that's brought out while doing so

    I've made an account so I could post this here, I hope you enjoy making them as much as I did

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    thanks for the idea, I will try it. I enjoyed making these very much, they are a fun little project. Glad you enjoyed it.