How to Make a 30'' Wall Clock





Introduction: How to Make a 30'' Wall Clock

this clock is going to be a gift to my wife.. she wanted a big wall clock above the fire place.. problem was clocks this size cost 150-300$ online and this one I had 22$ in it.. so that allowed me some shop time..

Step 1: Clock Face

these are the pine boards I decided to use.. wide and old.. I found them in the rafters of this shop.. they should be perfect for the clock..

Step 2: Finding Center

here I had to find the center and the best way was to use the long hand to see how much I could get out of the boards I had.. also to see were I could put some biscuits in..

Step 3: Biscuits

now it was time for biscuits.. for two reasons the first was because the boards were slightly warped and the second was I didn't run the boards over the jointer so I needed something to hold them straight while I clamped them..

Step 4: Clamp Up!

clamping the boards went better than I wanted so I had to use a screw driver to gap a glue joint to make it look more rustic..

Step 5: Epoxy

had to put some 5 min epoxy in a small knot so I could keep the look that was going on in that corner..

Step 6: Mortise

this is were I had to mortise a hole for the clock movement .. I just free hand it..

Step 7: Test Fit

here I was checking to see if I needed to go deeper with my mortise but everything look good.. I wanted to have my hands sit a bit farther out ..

Step 8: Painting Numbers On

I had some stencils that seemed to be the right size so I went with them.. you can see a lot more in the video..

Step 9: Poly Time

this is what it looked like after 2 coats of wipe on gloss poly.. I lightly sanded the 12 mark so it looked more old before I put poly on it..

Step 10: Finished

this is it finished.. just follow the instructions that come with the clock movement when installing..



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    2 years ago

    You make it look so easy, I have 3 pallets in my garage that I am going to take apart and make a clock like yours. Hope it goes as smoothly for me. Your wife will love it.

    1 reply

    I hope all goes well .. if you take picture or do a instructable.. let me know i would like to see it..


    2 years ago

    great job,really impressed by its simplicity...

    I've made a wooden clock and want to make more but I hoped for better instructions with making the indent for the clock parts to go in. You didn't say anything about how you did it.

    3 replies

    I see it now on the video but it's better to write out the instructions in more detail.

    thanks for looking .. i'm going to try to do better on my next instructable.. I have a very busy life which will slow down soon so I got some kool stuff coming that I want to do on here so I will do a far more detailed instructable with them..

    I see it now on the video but it's better to write out the instructions in more detail.

    I think this clock is very cool! Your wife is going to love it.

    I bought my stuff from this website.. ..but you can find similar movements on amazon..

    10114 is the part number for the movement

    67034 is the number for the hands