How to Make a 3D Red Beaded Rose for Girlfriend As Valentine's Gift





Introduction: How to Make a 3D Red Beaded Rose for Girlfriend As Valentine's Gift

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Are you searching for gifts for your girlfriend? Just look at this tutorial on how to make a beaded rose. Red rose is the symbol of love, people always express love by sending rose to their sweethearts, with the Valentine’s Day is coming, I want to show you a beaded rose pattern, this is a 3d beaded rose, I believe it is a best gift for your beloved person, so just follow me to learn how to make a beaded rose.

Step 1: Materials on How to Make a Beaded Rose

4mm red round glass beads

3mm green seed beads

0.3mm golden copper wire

Wire cutting plier

Flat plier

Step 2: Make Petals of 3d Beaded Rose

1st, cut off a 40cm copper wire, thread a red bead to the middle of the wire, cross both wires through 2 red beads, then cross both wires through 4 red beads, according this method, continue adding 6,8,10,12,14 beads;

Step 3:

2nd, string 7 red beads to each remaining wire, cross both wires through the bottom red bead and tighten, the twist the wires;

Step 4:

3rd, do the same to make the other four beaded petals;

Step 5: Make Leaves of Beaded Rose Pattern

According to the petals, make six green leaves, the leaf owns 6 lines, they are 1-2-3-4-3-2 beads on each line;

Step 6: Finish Making Beaded Rose Pattern

Take a petal and wrap it as the rose bud, then wrap the last 4 petals around the rose bud to form the outer petal. At last, wrap six leaves under the petals;

Step 7: The Final Look of the Delicate 3d Beaded Rose:

Now I have finished how to make a beaded rose, so beautiful, right? I think this red 3d beaded rose is much precious than the real rose, because it can be preserved forever, what’s more, the beaded rose pattern is made by yourself, it is the most important.



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8 Discussions

Nice! I'm male, so I don't know how this got into my feed, but even though my wife's complaining about valentines day being one day. I know the atmosphere on Valentines is usually infectious. I've been looking for something to buy/make for her since I got her a card and I'm broke cos we're still picking up the pieces from getting married in December, I'm going to try and make this as part of the gift.
Thank you very much!

1 reply

Wow, it sounds romantic! I feel great honored that it can help you. Anyway, best wishes to you and your lovely wife:)

Very pretty! I'd love to try it with a gradation of colors to the beads to get the illusion of shading.

1 reply

Wonderful, look forward your great crafts!

The rose is beautifully done! It would be so cute on top of a gift box!

1 reply

Yeah. it sounds great~