How to Make a 4x4 REMOTE CONTROL CAR


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Step 1: To Do a 4x4 REMOTE CONTROL CAR You Need!!!

So guys what about making a DIY remote control car? on numerous occasions, even when I was beginning to record my first videos, many people asked me to show a tutorial on how to make a DIY remote control car at home. For making it we will need almost all things that you can find at your house: old motors, razor blades, wires, batteries and styrofoam.

Step 2: It Very Easy and to Make Such a Car.

Step 3: Step by Step!!!

In case if at first sight it seemed too complicated for you, just watch the video again because it showed you the pattern from all sides and it is nearly impossible to misunderstand something).

Step 4: By the Way I Was Considering Making a Tank Instead of a Car) Its Wheels Can Rotate in the Opposite Direction Just Like Tank’s Track.

Step 5: I Am Looking Forward to Receiving Your Pics of Your Cars in Our Community in Facebook or You Can Tag Me in Instagram)

Step 6: A 4x4 REMOTE CONTROL CAR Is Ready!!!!

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    3 years ago

    Wow! Very cute :)