How to Make a Bacon Weave




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Intro: How to Make a Bacon Weave

Back to the very popular subject of bacon. Is there anything you can make out of it that's not tasty (my bacon onion rings instructable was a personal fave)? I don't think so.

Here we have a very simple instructable video for putting together your own Bacon weave, and a few ideas of how to use it.

I'll be updating you all with a few personal recipes soon, but for now get your practise in.

Step 1: Video Instructable:

Follow the video guide to make a bacon weave like a pro!

Step 2: What You Need:

Quite simple this one, a pack of streaky bacon (medium/thick cut if possible) - approx 14 rashers.

Now watch the video and try it out for yourself.

Step 3: What to Make With Your Bacon Weave

We have a few recipes to add ourselves but why not start with a Bacon Bomb or a Bacon Taco. Both brilliant ideas!



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