How to Make a Ballet Barre

Make your own ballet barre out of pvc! You can take it apart, so you can easily transport it from place to place.

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Step 1: Supplies

1.6in diameter pvc

A 68.625in

metal bar


2 corner pvc pieces

2 T pvc pieces

Step 2: Prepping the Metal Bar

Take off any bolts on the metal bar, if you cannot unscrew them, then cut off that part of the bar.

Step 3: Cut the Pieces

Cut the lengths of pvc to:

Two 41in pieces

four 9in pieces

One 67.375in piece

Step 4: Assemble

Put one of the 41 in pieces into the middle part of one of the Ts. Repeat.

Put one 9 in piece into each side of the T, repeat, you should now have 2 pvc Ts

Put a corner piece on each one of the Ts, on one of the 9 in pieces secure the 67.375 in piece between the corner pieces, it should look like the image

Step 5: Add the Bar

Then add the pipe, so both ends go into the pvc, it should look like the image

Step 6: Paint(optional)

Spray paint it and the wait for it to dry.

Congratulations!, you now have a ballet barre!

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