How to Make a Banana/Sling Shaped Fanny Pack

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This tutorial teaches you how to make a banana/sling shaped fanny pack.


- Jeans

- Zipper

- Buttons or a Buckle

- S

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Step 1: Measure

Get out your zipper and bend it into a curve. Trace this curve with a pen or marker on the jeans.

Step 2: Add Curve

Add another curve underneath the first curve to make the front of the fanny pack.

Step 3: Cut It Out

Cut out the front of the fanny pack, making sure to cut out two copies.

Step 4: Measure Again

Put the top edge of the front of the fanny pack against your jeans so it's flat. Trace the curve. Then repeat on the opposite side to make the top of the fanny pack.

Step 5: Cut

Cut the top of the fanny pack out.

Step 6: Bottom

Make a 15 inch long oval shape and cut that out.

Step 7: Zipper

Cut the top of the fanny pack in half and sew a zipper onto it.

Step 8: Front and Back

Sew the front and back of the fanny pack onto the top.

Step 9: Bottom

Sew the bottom of the fanny pack onto the bag.

Step 10: Straps

Cut out two 15-inch long, 4 inch wide pieces of jeans and form tunnel with them. Sew the tunnels onto the bag.

Step 11: Straps, Again

You can leave as is for a bag that buckles on the back, or you can sew the tunnels together and then cut one in half to make a bag that buckles on the side.

Step 12: Front Pocket

Cut out a semicircle smaller than the front of the bag. Sew it on. This is your front pocket.

Step 13: Buttons

Sew the buttons on or attach the buckle. You're done!

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