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I came up with a really cool way to make a wooden scoop with a bandsaw.

its a really fun and easy project you should try

things you will need :

-chunk of wood ( I used a piece of fire wood) but you can get fancy



-sand paper

-a finish of your choice

Step 1: Preparing the Material

In the first step you want to square up your board using a table saw and you will want to make sure you get this piece square on all six sides .the size of the scoop determines how big of a board you will use in this project

Step 2: Lay Out and Cutting Out the Handle

In the step you will draw a "U" shape on the end of your blank.

And now using your bandsaw cut on the line as clean as possible doing the cut in a single smooth pass staying on the line

this step is critical the "U" shape you first cut out will be the handle so be sure to make a clean cut

Step 3: Cutting the Scoop

in this step cut the outside 'U' shape doing the same as the last step

you will be left with this last picture shape, thats the scoop part

cutting this step close to the line will make for less shaping and a thinner "U" shape makes for a nicer looking scoop

Step 4: Setting Up for Glue

ok now that you have the 2 pieces you need you will put them back together and pull the handle piece back to form the scoop

check for a tight side that will be the side you glue together

Step 5: Marking Handle Depth and Glue Up

now you will need to mark a line about 3/4 inch inside the scoop to have a spot for glue without getting glue past that point

this is the time to sand the inside of the scoop so grab some 150 sandpaper and sand the inside smooth to the touch.

and now your ready to glue the handle piece in ,apply a small amount of good glue to the spot you marked out with a pencil and join the handle to the scoop then clamp it with a clamp or in my case my bench vise

( take note any glue past the line will make the finish blotchy so be sure to clean up all squeeze out )

Step 6: Handle Layout and Cutting

ok now that the scoop has dried you can start to shape it

first mark on the handle a nice handle shape then take it to the bandsaw to cut all four sides to shape

be sure to not cut in to the scoop past the handle

Step 7: Shaping and Sanding

ok now its time to refine the shape by sanding it

I used a bench top belt sander to do this and it made it fast and easy

you will shape the handle and the scoop to final shape and round over the top as well take you time and try to get it as nice as possible

Step 8: Applying a Finish

after you finish sanding with the belt sander you will sand with finer sandpaper till it feels good in your hand

after all the final sanding is done you can apply a finish

if you plan to use this on food you will want to use a food safe finish

I used a spray lacquer on mine as it was on hand

now you have a awesome scoop you made by hand enjoy and thanks for checking out my Instructable

thanks for checking out my bandsaw scoop please check out my youtube channel for more awesome builds

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    11 Discussions


    1 year ago

    good job on the scoops, going to have to make a bunch for Christmas


    3 years ago

    Good Patrick


    3 years ago

    I just made a stack of scoops for friends. Mine had apple scoops, acacia backs and fir or other handles. In short, they were three pieces.

    One advantage of my approach was, I could sand the inside of the scoop with my spindle sander. Of course, this approach also allowed me to incorporate some contrasting woods.

    From the first run, I decided I wanted thicker backs so I could have more options for attaching handles. In short, I have been mulling over different approaches to mass producing these [on a small scale for friends and associates]. As such, I was glad I came across your approach.

    I really like the simplicity of your approach and the soft flow of your scoops to their handles. Too, I see how the handle portion could be turned, on a lathe, then returned to the scoop for assembly.

    Great job. Thanks.


    3 years ago

    Well done video, easy to follow and a nice little project , thumbs up .


    3 years ago

    Great scoops. I have a few questions:

    What model is your bandsaw? It looks very efficient.

    What grit do you have on your belt sander? It works fast but not too aggressive.

    Great vice. What make is it?

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    thanks Jim ok first off my Bandsaw is a harbor freight 2006 model year 4 speed and I like it, it runs great

    my belt sander is my dads old one from 1988 and it has a 3/4 hp motor and i keep a 120 belt on it and it seems to work real good

    the vice was my dads as well he had it since 1968 and now i have it in my shop it is a Colombian machinist vice

    i hope that answers all you questions if you have any more feel free to ask thanks so much


    3 years ago

    Great instructable! Thanks for sharing. Would you mind telling us a bit about the jig you used on the tablesaw?

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    i have a vid on my Youtube channel about that here is a link thanks for checking out my page and if your looking for more awesome stuff subscribe to me on youtube


    3 years ago

    Very intelligent. You gave me another argument to invest in a bandsaw.


    3 years ago

    This is an excellent technique. Gonna have to make a couple myself. Thanks for sharing the idea!


    3 years ago

    Well done instructions and nice scoop.