How to Make a Basic Lego Artillery Gun

Introduction: How to Make a Basic Lego Artillery Gun

this instructable will show you how to make a basic Lego artillery gun. This is a very simple model to make and is also very powerful. The gun can be used to shoot Lego minifigures and other Lego models. This will show you how to make a basic frame and then you can build the rest any way you like it.

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Step 1: What You Need:

to make this model you will need, the picture is numbers apply to the list numbers.

1. 2x4 plate
2. two red connectors
3. two transparent 1x1 cones
4. two medium grey rod connectors with a stud connector on the end
5. Four click connectors with a short side and a long side (or a long click connector the that equals two normal ones put together)
6. 2 square, flat 2x2 brick with a connector on it
7. A cannon and ammo
8.a small joint piece
9. A long grey rod connector with a stud on the end
10. A black connecting thing with a hole and a rod connector (see picture)
11. Six connectors with rod and snap holes (see picture)
12. a large black turn table
13. A base plate

Step 2: Base Levels1,2&3

get a lot of pieces and build a structure like in the pics or if you don’t have enough bricks just build a three brick high tower.

Step 3: Now Add the Spinning Piece

add the spinning piece to the base.

Step 4: Start Making the Gun

Take a 2x7 plate and attach it to one side of the joint and a 4x6 plate on the other two knobs on the joint like in the picture.

Step 5: Making the Cannon Part 1

Take a 2x4 plate and attach the two 4x4 click connector plates to the top. Then take two click and rod combo connector pieces and attach the click holes to the click plates. Next take the cannon and slide it over the two grey connectors with the + hole parallel with the cannon. Finally take the two red cross connectors and slide them through the cannon and the grey connectors to attach it to the two plate connectors.

Step 6: Making the Cannon Part 2

Take 4 click and rod combo connectors and attach the long end of the grey click connectors to the click side of the connectors. Then take the connectors and put the snap into the holes closest to the red cross connector on the cannon , repeat on the other side. Next take the two medium rods with the studs on the end and slide them into the cross holes on the cannon assembly with the stud part at the front of the cannon. Finally put the two cones on the studs on the rods to make smaller guns.

Step 7: Mounting the Cannon

Attach the cannon to the joint assembly as shown in the picture, then attach the joint and cannon to the base turn table as shown.

Step 8: Extended Trigger (optional)

this step is optional but if you decide to put full armor on it like in the picture it is recommended. take the long rod and attach the hole part of the black connector to the stud then put the rod hole on the trigger.

Step 9: Your Done!

Now that you have finished the basic cannon you can build armor for it any way you can imagine.

DISCLAIMER I am not responsible for any injuries caused by this model. Do not point at face, eyes or animals.

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