How to Make a Batman Batch File

Introduction: How to Make a Batman Batch File

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Sometimes, you want to do cool things.

If you're a geek, you may be aware of those programs which display Star Wars in CMD or show the raining Matrix on your screen. Yep, they're cool.

But I wanted something cooler. I wanted a Batman logo to flash on my laptop screen.

I searched for programs to create a Batman logo in batch file; I found none. So I created this one for all the Batman fans.

If you're already familiar with basic batch programming, then it will be easier for you to modify this program as per you choice. After that you'll be able to change colors, shape, flash, timer, and other things.

For now all you have to do is just follow these instructions to create what I call the Batman program.


Let's get started!

Step 1: Open Your Text Editor

You'll need a text editor.

Your PC already has one. That thing called Notepad.

That's the only tool you'll need to create your Batman program.

However, I've used a screenshot of Notepad++. I did it for the sake of informing people still using notepad that they have better options.

The next thing you'll need to do is copy-pasting the code in Notepad.

Let's have a look at the code.

Step 2: Use This Code to Create Your File

Below is the code.

If you have no idea about how it works, then don't try to understand it. For now, just copy-paste it and have fun.

Enjoy watching how it works.

You can make changes in the code, enter your own steps, or sharpen the Batman logo which I've made once you get familiar with batch programming.

I know the logo looks a bit off, but I'd be glad if you could tweak that and come up with something better :)

Here's the code: copy-paste it in notepad

@echo off<br>color 0f
echo _______________
echo Vrrooommmm!!
echo ________________
echo ping - n 2>nul
echo Here he comes...
echo ping -n 2>nul
echo 5
ping -n 2>nul
echo 4
ping -n 2>nul
echo 3
ping -n 2>nul
echo 2
ping -n 2>nul
echo 1
ping -n 2>nul
ping localhost -n 1 >nul
color 3c
ping localhost -n 1 >nul
color 4d
ping localhost -n 1 >nul
color 5e
ping localhost -n 1 >nul
color 6f
ping localhost -n 1 >nul
color 7a
ping localhost -n 1 >nul
color 8b
ping localhost -n 1 >nul
color 0a
ping localhost -n 1 >nul
echo -
echo I'm the goddamn Batman, bitch!
echo -
echo -
echo      *       *  *      *
echo    ***       ****      ***
echo.  ***        ****       ***
echo   ******    ******   ******
echo   *************************
echo   *************************
echo   **********      *********
echo   ******             ******
echo   ***                   ***
echo    **                   **
echo     *                   *
echo -
echo Press Enter...
title The End
echo  --------------------------------------------------------
echo    You still here? Alfred will give you a cookie.
echo    -
echo    I'll be back in a while. 
echo    -
echo    Gordon is flashing the Bat-signal again.
echo    -
echo    Gotham needs me. Goodbye!
echo  --------------------------------------------------------
title   Credits
echo ..........................................................
echo    Program created by -
echo ..........................................................
echo    CodeBlot Team []
echo ..........................................................

Step 3: Create a MAN.BAT File

You've done copy-pasting the code - Good.

Now all you have to do is save you file as MAN.BAT (pun intended) inNotepad.

Note that the .bat part is the extension of the batch file. So it doesn't matter whether you save it as Robin.bat. It'll work fine either way.

Your Batman program is ready. Now all you have to do is open the file which you've just created.

TaDa! It's done.

It was simple, wasn't it? Let me know if do something fun with it. If you're a computer science student, I would like to connect with you on Codeblot.



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    Very fun! I love things like this!