How to Make a Batmobile

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This instructable will show you how to make your very own, fully functioning, life-sized Batmobile at almost no cost and time!! THIS IS LIFE CHANGING!! Be the envy of your friends, the coolest kid around, and show off your love for the Dark Knight, all with this easy instructable!!

Step 1: Begin

First off you will need too find some old cardboard. Isn't this great, you get to recycle some cardboard while you make your very own, life-sized, fully functioning Batmobile!!

Step 2: Make Some Decals

Draw some bats, about six inches long, on the cardboard.  Try to reduce your excitement at the prospect of owning your very own, life-sized, fully functioning Batmobile, and cut out four bats. Failure to do so may result in lost fingers, so be careful.

Step 3: Color the Bats

Now color the bats black.  You can paint them if you wish, or go the fast and easy way(like I did) and use a black sharpie.  Crazy folks may want to use different colors to do this. If you are one of those people that likes to live on the edge, go ahead, but be careful. Once you start doing crazy things like that, who knows where it could end up. You may find yourself doing back flips off a ramp with your little brother's tricycle, or actually liking Rebecka Black's Friday Song. We are not responsible for any injury or death that may occur.

Step 4: Punch Some Holes

Using a hole punch, put a hole in each bat's head. Once the bleeding has stopped, tie strings through the holes so that the bats hang down about a foot. It looks better if they are all at slightly different heights.

Step 5: Tye Em' Up

Take two sticks, or pencils, or whatever is lying around that is straight, and tie them together at the middle, leaving a few inches left at the ends of the string. Now tightly tie the bats on to the ends, letting them hang down. You are almost done with your very own, life-sized, fully functioning Batmobile!!!

Step 6: Make a Sign

Using a big font, type "The Batmobile" on the computer and print it out. Tape it to the string, like in the picture.

Step 7: Hang Out

Now hang your Batmobile for everyone to see! In case you are confused mobile means a piece of sculpture having delicately balanced units constructed of rods and sheets of metal or other material suspended in midair by wire or twine so that the individual parts can move independently,as when stirred by a breeze. Ain't you lucky, you have one made with bats!

Further Ideas:
   -Make the bats out of metal(need laser cutter)
   -Make the bats out of food and eat them off the string with no hands."Ma, I just ate the Batmobile!"
   -Make four batmobiles, than attach them to another mobile, then make four of those and attach them to a mobile then...
   -Add a sound chip with loud engine noises, hang in garage:"Its over here." *Vroom, Vrooom* "WHAT THE CRAP IS THAT!"
   -To add to the pun, use baseball bats instead of the cutouts.
   -Use real bats(not recommended) , or use fake bats that look real.
   -Come up with your own and post the pic in the comments!

Step 8: Now You Own a Batmobile!

You are now the proud owner of your very own, life-sized, fully functioning Batmobile!!

   -Imagine your friends faces when you show them your Batmobile! Imagine there faces as they attempt to strangle you!
   -When ever you feel heroic, yell:"Quick Robin, to the Batmobile!" and run to wherever its hanging.
   -Carry it around with your batman Halloween costume. No batman is complete without his Batmobile. Ignore the weird looks you will get.
   -Brag to all your friends that you have a Batmobile, just don't let them into your house to see it. "Oh its under repairs. Lets go to your house today!"
   -Use fishing line so the bats look like they are flying and freak out your sister.
   -Sit and be mesmerized by the hanging bats.

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    15 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Once I saw all the exclamation points in the post about cardboard I knew something was up


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Well it makes the reader think that he is building a car, where, in reality, he is building a little hanging thing. Also you can tell your friends that you built a batmobile. Its not primarily a prank, but it still qualifys (and its funny).


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    "This instructable will show you how to make your very own, fully functioning, life-sized Batmobile"

    its not a prank, its a complete lie.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I love puns(especially bad ones), in case you haven't noticed. Did you like my instructable?