How to Make a Bi-Fold Leather Wallet




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This is a bi-fold card wallet. I used an Italian vegetable leather and worked for an hour

If you're tired of heavy wallets, give it a try : )

Leather Thickness: 1.0t

Step 1: Sketching and Making a Pattern

Design the wallet : Imagine final shape of wallet and sketch it.

Step 2: Cutting the Leather

Cutting the leather following pattern

Step 3: Punching

Make a hole for the stitching

Step 4: Folding and Making Shape

Folding the leather

Step 5: Burnishing the Edge

Apply gum (Tokonole) and burnish with slicker

Step 6: Stitching Pocket

Use cross-stitching on the two pocket parts

Step 7: Assembling

Apply glue and assemble every part

Step 8: Chiseling and Stitching

Use saddle stitch on the edge of the wallet

Step 9: Burnishing Edges

Again, apply gum and burnishing it

Step 10: Done!

Thanks for watching =)



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    18 days ago

    Like it very much. I'd like to make one myself as a present but can't find a link to the free pattern.

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