How to Make a Big 3D Printer at Home | 3D Printer Using Arduino

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How to make a Big 3D Printer at Home | 3D Printer Using

About this project:

In this project we make a big size 3d printer 400x400x400 mm for collage project, Video contains all dimension and required the quantity of all parts, introducing of different parts which are using for the 3d printer. Build process of 3d printer, assembly of x, y, and z-axis, basic setup of ramps 1.4 board, A4988 driver and stepper motor, Arduino coding using marlin firmware, how to use sli3er and pronterface software.

From where to buy parts and more info:

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Step 1: Reqired Parts

Download this pdf.

Step 2: Watch the Video From Youtube

in this video step by step method of building a 3d printer.

Step 3: CAD Model of 3D Printer

first, I made the whole model in software, a different part of the dimension of its part is attached in pdf which name is "dimension of parts"

Step 4: Building of Whole Assembly

a building of whole assembly for more reference see the youtube video.

Step 5: Setup of Ramps 1.4, Arduino Meag

A connection of different module as per shown images, and for more reference see the youtube video.

Step 6: Coding and Slicer,pronterface Programme for a First Print

uploading Arduino coding using marlin firmware, then I download 2 software (slic3er and pronterface) from a net.

Step 7: First Print and Result

for first print I choose 25 mm calibration cube and result are as per image for more reference see youtube video.

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    6 weeks ago on Step 7

    sir what is the total price of all these things used in making big printer?