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Basically all the materials needed, you probably already have lying around your house... Its very simple to make this bomb bag... Watch and learn how to make one that pops real loud... you can modify it  your own way, Im just giving you an idea... Please be careful, this project is not harmful but you should have adult supervision if you're young...THIS IS NOT A REAL BOMB!!!

Follow these simple steps and you'll be having fun in no time....

Step 1: Materials!

You will need the following items...

* 2 bags of chips
* Baking Soda
* Vinegar
* Hot Glue



Step 2: Step 1

 * Cut out a small square from the corners of one of the bags, this square will be used as the pouch that will contain vinegar inside.

using Glue Seal Off one edge of the square... Let it dry

Step 3: Step 2

*  Cut out about 1/3 of the other bag, make sure to get the side that has the bottom sealed...
    (this will be your actual bomb bag)

* Add some baking soda into the bag ( about a tspoon )

Step 4: Step 3

* get your pouch and fill it with vinegar, then using hot glue seal off the last open edge, make sure its sealed tight, so the vinegar does not come out...

Put the pouch inside the bomb bag and again seal off the last remaining open edge, (use as much glue as possible, its very important that there are no open spaces)

Step 5: BOOOOOM!!!!!

* the last step is the easiest and the fun part,

now that your bomb bag is ready, what you must do is locate the vinegar filled pouch inside the bag and press hard till it break...

as the vinegar comes out, it will cross paths with the baking soda and we all know what chemical reaction they both cause...

you will hear like a soda type sound and the bag will immediately begin to enlarge, more and more till it cant contain the pressure anymore, thus popping make a loud Noise...  Have fun with this project, just know its not a real bomb and no major damage come come from this...

Check out the instructional video for a Demo of the explosion and better understanding of how the bomb bag is made...

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    9 years ago on Introduction

     Funny how everyday items can be made in a bomb. Cool tutorial