How to Make a Box




Introduction: How to Make a Box

Here is how to make a box

Step 1: Planning

first you want to start planing on how big your box is gonna be like, keep in mind the length and the thickness of the wood

Step 2: Start Measuring

take the measurements of the pieces of wood and make sure the measurements follow your plan

Step 3: Start Cutting the Wood

now that you have the measurement done start cutting the wood to make box

Step 4: Build the Box

now that you have cut the pieces its now time to start building it the, so you can hammer the edges of wood to the other edge to make a square

Step 5: Base of the Box

next get a piece of cardboard and put it under the unfinished box and out line it with a writing utensil you can see it

Step 6: Cut Out the Base

now start to cut the outlines you made on the cardboard so it is the size of the box

Step 7: Final Step

now that you have cut the cardboard just nail or glue it on the box and it finished



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    You never think about how useful it is to be able to make a simple box until you learn how to do it. Then you suddenly find tons of occasions to make custom boxes.