How to Make a Bubble Blower Machine

Introduction: How to Make a Bubble Blower Machine

About: I make funny life hacks.

I wanted to make a bubble machine that could be controlled from a distance

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Step 1: What You Need

1. rc helikopter

2.PVC tube 7x


4.satay stick

Step 2: PVC Tube to Fasten

I pick up the 7 pvc tubes and make a round of it and stick that together you put the satay stick in between

do not forget to attach the saté stick to the rc helicopter

Step 3: Attach to Standard

put it on your standard from wood or something else and put a bowl of soap on it

Step 4: Ready to Use

now it is ready to be used, I wish you a lot of fun with it

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    2 years ago

    Brilliant :-)


    2 years ago

    I really like how your mind works! :)