How to Make a Bubble Wand

Introduction: How to Make a Bubble Wand

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In this Instructable I will be showing you how to make a bubble wand out of a mason jar ring and some wire.

You will need:

-mason jar ring
-wire snips
-container for holding bubble solution
-bubble solution

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Step 1:

Get the mason jar ring and the wire snips. Then, make small cuts all around on the top part of the ring. You may not have to do this. The only reason that I did this was because on the plastic bubble wands they always have little ridges on them, and I think that those ridges have something to do with the overall bubble blowing performance. It might actually be better not to make the cuts, because afterwards you'll have a lot of sharp edges. So, it's really up to you how you want to do it.

Step 2:

Next, get your wire, and cut off however much you want. Keep in mind that the wire is going to be your handle, so however long you want the handle is as much as you should cut off. After you've got your wire cut, find the middle and insert it into one of the cuts that you made on the mason ring. Once you've got the wire into the space, wrap it around the ring once, and then begin twisting it. This is where you may want to use the pliers to help hold onto the wire. When you get to the end, take just a little bit of the wire and twist it on itself again, so that it's less likely to untwist.  

Step 3:

That's it! Your bubble wand is finished! Now, take the container that you are going to use, and pour some bubble solution in! This bubble wand uses a lot of bubble solution, so you might want to make your own, instead of buying it. I looked at a few ideas online, and most of them were basically this: A lot of dish soap, plus some water, equals bubbles!  The first time that I dipped my bubble wand in bubble solution, it wouldn't form a film. The reason that I think that this happened, is that the ridges that I had made with the cuts weren't lined up with each other, and they were pointing up. Make sure that you bend them down. Then it will work better. Also, for a while I couldn't get any of my bubbles to separate from the bubble wand. Don't worry, it just takes practice, though I usually don't get more than one bubble at a time. But it  makes up for it with the big bubbles that you do get.  With this bubble wand you can either blow it, or swish it to the side. Just be sure that the top of the ring is facing outward. Sorry that there aren't that many pictures of the actual bubbles. I learned that it's kind of hard to get good pictures of bubbles. And the biggest bubbles I made I didn't get pictures of.  Well, that's my Instructable! Hope you like it! Also, feel free to comment and add any suggestions!

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