How to Make a Bunk-Bed/Fort for a Sleepover




Ever had a child have a friend over, and wanted them to sleep in the same room so they weren't bothering bothering you in the living room, or taking the couches. This instructable will show you how to make a fort with a bed, under your child's existing bed! 

Step 1: What Will You Need?

Lots of the things included in this are optional, but the most import one is are large plant pots, like for a small tree, or a raised bed. This is obviously to make space for thee child to sleep in. Anything can work if its big enough, stable enough, and evenly sized so the bed isn't tilted. That said, here is the list of things needed.

Necessary Items

1.  Something to raise the bed (e.g., 4-24 packs of water bottles, 4 Plant pots) things like that, or a raised bed

2.  Pillow

3.  Blankets or a sleeping bag

4.  Big Blanket

Unnecessary (but helpful) Items

1. Small Lamp

2. Camping Bed Pad, foam or inflatable 

Step 2: Setting Up the Bed (skip If You Have a Raised Bed)

Have a parent lift each corner of the bed, and put the supporters under the corners. Then center them so they don't slip out from under  the bed. (I had a raised bed, so the fit will be tight, it is better for a non-raised bed so it can go higher.)

Step 3: Set It Up

Put all of the things for the fort under the bed, the pillow, bed pad, blankets, lamp, and anything that will fit and that they want with it.

Step 4: Hiding It. Shhh!

Now put the big blanket over the bed, so that no light gets inside. Turn on the lamp! Enjoy!



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