How to Make a Burning Hand ? | Tutorial

Introduction: How to Make a Burning Hand ? | Tutorial


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Step 1: To Do a Burning Hand You Need!!!

In today's video I'm going to show you a great idea how to make a burning hand at home. It also can be called burning fingers.

Step 2: It's Made of Wax and Quite Easily.

When a light bulb burnt out or there is no electricity this hand will help you out.

Step 3: Crazy Men Can Use It During a Romantic Dinner. I'm Joking! This Hand Will Be Better for Halloween.

Step 4: Be Successful in Your Creative Work!

So don't forget to add this video to your wall in social networks or add to favorites on your YouTube channel in order not to forget to make it for the day of horror.

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    You sure do love making misleading thumbnails, Don't you?