How to Make a Cake

Introduction: How to Make a Cake

For my World History we had to do a project and for my project I choose to do how to bake a cake. The reason that I choose this was to see if I could make a cake all by myself.

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Step 1: Put All Your Ingredients Into a Bowl

The first thing that you will need to do is that you will have to find a cake ingredient. You can use any kind of cake ingredient. I used a cake ingredient that I found on the internet.

You will need to put all of the ingredients into one bowl and mix it around. After you have done this you will want to pour the mix into a tin can bowl and then put in into the oven for it to cook. Wait about 15 minutes for the cake to bake and then take the cake out.

Step 2: Take Them Out of the Bowl

After they are done baking you will need to take the cakes out of the bowls, and put them onto a plate. you will then put icing on the cake. After you have put icing on the cakes then you will stack them on each other. This will make the cake bigger.

Step 3: Stacked

After the cakes have been stacked on eachother then you are almost done. You will then need to take icing all around the cake and make sure that there are no spots that are visible on the cake.

Step 4: Finished Product

Your cake is done and it is ready to eat, and it will be very delicious.

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