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    2 years ago

    It looks nice, but can the 8 yellow pieces keep the camera stably when you're sliding the camera?

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    Reply 2 years ago

    I did the video test to see the camera stability, but I did it fast because I was called to work on Saturday.

    I'll still make the other video more complete, but the tip I have is don't tighten to much the four screws that attach the top and bottom part's of the camera car's. The tightening of the screws should be enough so that the wheels of the part below stay close to the tube and when there is some inclination on the Slider the camera car's stay supported on the tube. In this way, it will be possible to smoothly push the camera car's with a single finger.

    In the first Camera Slider video test try to observe the straight lines to see the stability of the footage (observe the line of top the table, etc).

    I hope I have helped with this video and the tip.


    Reply 2 years ago

    It's stable and the camera car's keeps the parts together, but I made the long rail to make cars film's and a short rail could create difficulty. In the tests the fast movements or dropping the camera car's to go alone can damage the footage with small swings in the image . When I tested moderate speed I haved the best results, I suggest you accelerate the video or make slow-motion in the edition.

    I'll make a demonstration video with the possible camera movements and the result of each shoot. Maybe I'll go to tell something for explain, but if it happens I'll put translated here..

    If I'll have time on the weekend I'll do the video and put it here and on the Youtube channel.


    Many thanks for commenting =)

    Sorry for any mistake in the translation, but I don't know much English and Google Translator that needs help me sometimes.