How to Make a Camp Fire




Intro: How to Make a Camp Fire

WARNING fire is hot and dangerous be careful! Thank you tm121998 for building the fire when I took the pictures.

Step 1: Safety

Always have a hose or a fire extinguisher on hand.

Step 2: Make a Lightable Base

To make a good fire you need a strong base. For this I lay down two logs. Next place pine needles inbetween the logs.

Step 3: Make a Fire Lay

Next make a good fire lay. I use a log cabin fire lay. To make this place sticks on top of each other until it looks like an old log cabin house. For this I use scrap wood from our wood shop.

Step 4: Light It Up

Just drop a lit match in the pine needles and watch the flames grow.

Step 5: Share the Fun

Enjoy this fire by inviting friends and family to enjoy a cook out with s'mores.

Step 6: Putting the Fun Out

Remember that hose I told you to have out? Use that to put out your fire. keep spraying the fire until it is cool to the touch.



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2 years ago

Would love to see more about how you put your pit together.


2 replies
Mark 52neopolitan

Reply 2 years ago

It's a kit that we got from a hardware store. I think you can find it online