How to Make a Candle From an Orange




Introduction: How to Make a Candle From an Orange

I show how to make a candle out of an orange. This is a quick and simple project that only takes a few minutes and has beautiful results. The orange candle will last a few hours and give off a nice aromatic sent. This candle can be used during a power outage when regular candles are not available. It can be done not only with an orange but also grapefruit, or lemon, and almost any type of oil. The fruit is hollowed out and the middle stem used as a wick. After hollowing it out, it is filled with vegetable or olive oil then the wick can be ignited.

Step 1: ​Materials

- Cooking oil/lamp oil

- Orange

- Cup

- Knife

- Spoon.

Step 2: Watch the Video

(The video may not show up for mobile viewers)



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    16 Discussions

    how long would the flame last?

    very creative..

    HAHA I like how it says: 2 steps. 1: gather materials. 2: Watch video XD HAHAHHAHHAAHHA My friends are looking at me like, are you okay? ;)

    Awesome no more throwing away orange peels! Lol


    This would naturally smell of orange oil as the 'lid' of the orange was warmed by the flame, especially if you gave it a light stabbing with a fork :-) You could add extra essential oil/s.....stud the top with cloves, sprinkle nutmeg or allspice over the oil, & you'd get an amazing scent wafting out of these.

    Another person mentioned the possibility of the orange burning. To avoid that, the top of the empty peel of the orange could be soaked in water for a little while. Not sure how well that would work in practise, however.

    This is a great, simple idea that I'm going to try out tonight. If it works as well as I'd like it to, I'm picturing a long, narrow tray of these lit up for Christmas or Thanksgiving, giving off a gorgeous glow with an orange/spice scent. Or a grouping of them glowing around a jack-o-lantern for Halloween.....would also love to try this with lemons, pink grapefruits etc.

    Some of the simplest ideas get my mind going.....thanks very much for the inspiration :-)

    he has such an excellent mind i would never have thought of that idea after if i did it would be after he did

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    Who ever this person is! That is shear genius for 2 reasons!

    The first reason: He created a technique that saves time involving the peeling of an orange without the need to pick of the peel piece by little piece.

    The second reason: That's a really clever idea of using the stem as wick for the candle! If there is orange aromatic oil available, put some of it into the orange peel half with the wick.

    Sounds cool

    That's awesome. I'm sure it smells great too


    2 years ago


    And you can melt some wax and pour it in.

    Mineral oil might also works.